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    Monday, 30 March 2009

    Rumour: Call of Duty 7: Gulf Conflict?

    There's a rumour going around at the moment saying that Call of Duty 7 will be based on the Persian Gulf War. The Gulf War was from 1990-1991 so the warfare would be more modern than World at War, but less modern than COD4 & Modern Warfare 2.

    If the game was to be made it would be made by Treyarch as Modern Warfare 2 is currently being made by Infinity Ward.

    The Gulf War was a United Nations-authorized military conflict between Iraq and a coalition force from 34 nations. The United States and United Kingdom were the biggest participants in the Gulf. The result of the war was the removal of Iraqi invasion force from Kuwait.


    Do you think this would be a good creation from Treyarch?

    Write your thoughts in a comments box.

    God Of War III First Details.

    God of War III is by far one of the most anticipated games of 2009, but will it live up to expectation? Here are some of the first details:

    Scene from Sony.

    • Scene demoed by Sony, named The Fortified City, a stone keep on the side of Mount Olympus, the war between the Gods and Titans raged on in the backround
    • Kratos looking for hidden entrance to the Palace of Olympus.
    • Molten Rock Titan comes into backround scene, yet the God Helios attacks it, strafing him from his Chariot of the Sun.

    The Weapons now change how Kratos controls.

    • Kratos dons a pair of metal lion heads on each arm used as knuckle dusters.
    • He'll be better at dodging blows while being able to deliver more powerful close range attacks.
    • Toggle between stances to perform even more elaborate moves.

    Gaming Highlights.

    • The whole game is rendered from the in-game-engine
    • The game's not a "painting come to life", but is looking very promising to succeed expectation.
    • The moment Helios gets his head wrenched off you are able to use it as a torch.
    • The torch lit passageways offer a very creepy edge to the game.

    New Plot Details

    • The games sotry will arc over the first two games
    • Drawing on events and characters from these prequels to stage events.

    Take control of a Cyclops

    • Instead of killing the huge monster, you'll be able to control its final death throws by stabbing it in the back and wiggling it around with the joystick. Sounds Fun.

    God of War III is expected to be released in the fall of 2009.

    Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Online

    Playing online is enhanced enormously by communicating with fellow players, although you will have to spend a good £15 on a headset first. You're in a vast expanse of sky, attacking four little dots ten kilometres away. Hearing what a few friendly pairs of eyes can see makes laying one on them much easier.

    One problem is that there are only 2 game modes, Team Deathmatch and Co-op. The latter offers the most fun, especially with a headset. Team deathmatch on the other hand is very dull. In that vast blueness of the sky, four-on-four can be very tedious, as you rocket towards a tiny dot and shake off a missile coming up your backside. A new DLC is likely to come through sooner or later, which a few new game modes would be welcome.

    Why Uncharted 2 will kick ass.

    Did you love Uncharted? Then your going to flip for Among Thieves. This time around, everything seems to be abit more cinematic. Action is more versatile and imaginative. You can watch Drake climbing a wall, then pause behind an enemy guard before yanking him back to tumble to his death down on the road below. Action will be far more varied than in Drake's Fortune. You're in for a treat come November.

    Need For Speed SHIFT Preview

    The once amazing Need For Speed series has swerved onto a very bumpy road. Disapointing last installments including the very dull, super-sterile ProStreet and a technically terrible Undercover, there's no wonder there's been talk of the company being completely shelved in 2009.
    Need For Speed is very much alive for the moment though. But for EA, another plot gimmick or the introduction of a fancy Hollywood cast won't be enough.

    Even just over the halfway point of its development stretch, SHIFT is by far the most polished Need For Speed ever made. The amount of detail on car model's track sides and lush vehicle interiors is easily comparable to the big boys of the racing genre.
    As Driving simulations go, SHIFT has one of the best physics engine's around. It also has an impressive vehicle damage system and advanced AI.
    But by far the most impressive and unique aspect of SHIFT is in it's conquest to put you, the player, behind the wheel. With the use of high-end graphical techniques, fancy camera moves and some of the most detailed vehicle interiors ever seen in a game.
    SHIFT is attempting to recreate the experiance of actually driving a racing car - and it's doing it well. Unlike the comparitively sterile cockpits of Ferrari Challenge and GRID, SHIFT creates the feeling of g-force with subtle, emotive camera moves.

    But the fun visual display becomes a truly compelling gameplay experiance when you swerve off the track and collide with an obsticle. The developer has spent a great deal of effort simulating crashes, and, as in real life, making contact with another vehicle at high speed is a viloent, head-snapping event that leaves you dazed. High speed collisions look fantastic and the resulting visual wallop encourages players to stay on the track even more.
    SHIFT is undoubtedly the most promising, spectacular looking Need For Speed to appear since Underground in 2003.

    Need For Speed SHIFT is due to be released in Late 2009.


    Does PS3 need another sim-based racer? Tell us what you think.