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    Friday, 24 April 2009

    New Mafia Gameplay posted this new Gameplay footage of Mafia II Coming Soon to PS3.
    Review Coming Soon.

    Kotaku's Latest PSP2 Details

    Kotaku recently listed some details of the PSP2 that they had been investigating. Here's what they said:

    "Word has it that a big announcement will most likely hit at E3 with Sony unveiling the redesigned portable. An announcement of launch date (which should be sometime 4th quarter) is entirely possible as well. The redesigned product apparently does exist as this is what we've heard so far:
    The screen is gorgeous
    The loads are faster
    Improved buttons
    Internal flash — 8GB
    Possible touch-screen
    Possible built-in camera
    Does Not Use UMD
    To View Kotaku's Article Click Here.