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    Monday, 27 April 2009

    Bad Company 2 New Details & Screens

    Good news. Haggard, Preston, Redford and Sweetwater all return this winter! Back behind enemy lines and in even deeper trouble than before.

    The sequel was shown behind-closed doors at GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco, where developer DICE demoed a section of the game based in a snowbound Alaskan Village.
    The Frostbite engine will return, abling more destruction than ever. The level demonstrated sees you battling some Russians occupying the area whilst they are loading barrells onto a truck. The order came through to annihilate them, which the team did by firing at some explosive barrells, destroying machine gun emplacements with grenade launchers, and edging forward through the village using wooden crates as cover. The highlight of the level was at the end when 'B' Company are in a truck being chased first by ATV's and then a dogged attack helicopter. The truck then enters an overpass, and still the helicopter tries to follow them into the overpass. You then hear a loud bang and see a ball of flames coming towards you.

    As with the first game, you still need to use every weapon and vehicle you have at your disposal in order to survive. There are even more vehicles to use from, which carries over into the the multiplayer Gold Rush and Conquest game types aswell as new Co-op mode.
    It was a little odd how the prequel never had co-op mode, despite the game being based around a square of core characters. We can also confirm that the multiplayer will allow 40 player matches.

    It's going to be well worth the wait for it's release in mid 2010.