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    Saturday, 11 April 2009

    Red Faction: Guerrila better than Killzone 2?

    We all know that Killzone 2 was amazing, well only the single player mode anyway. Since the release of the Red Faction Demo/BETA everybody wants it.

    Guerrila is based on the planet Mars, in the year 2208, it's a third-person-shooter which is the big difference to Killzone 2 and it's extremely fun.
    The Geo-mod 2.0 installment is possibly the best idea in the third installment of the series, it lets you destroy pretty much everything which is awesome!

    You play as Alec Mason, and will be fighting the EDF (Earth Defence Force). You will be able to run, jump, hijack vehicles, and use weapons to traverse across the open world. Weapons in the game will include: machine gun turrets, rocket turrets, remote charges, a sledgehammer, machine guns, and many others. A special weapon, the “Grinder”, is a homemade, improvised weapon made by miners that launches charged blades at enemies and objects. Vehicles will be a returning feature to the game. These vehicles include: APCs, a 6 wheeler cargo truck, a walking construction mech, a jetpack, and possibly many others.

    The game will include online multiplayer with up to 16 players at a time. Rather than Alec, the player will use separate characters for multiplayer. It has been announced that the game will feature several multiplayer modes.

    The game will be released on June 9 in North America and the European release date is set to be June 12.
    If you havn't got your hands on a BETA Key, check out this video and leave your comments below.