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    Monday, 30 March 2009

    Rumour: Call of Duty 7: Gulf Conflict?

    There's a rumour going around at the moment saying that Call of Duty 7 will be based on the Persian Gulf War. The Gulf War was from 1990-1991 so the warfare would be more modern than World at War, but less modern than COD4 & Modern Warfare 2.

    If the game was to be made it would be made by Treyarch as Modern Warfare 2 is currently being made by Infinity Ward.

    The Gulf War was a United Nations-authorized military conflict between Iraq and a coalition force from 34 nations. The United States and United Kingdom were the biggest participants in the Gulf. The result of the war was the removal of Iraqi invasion force from Kuwait.


    Do you think this would be a good creation from Treyarch?

    Write your thoughts in a comments box.


    Anonymous said...

    not a bad idea but waaaaay too early for these types of rumors

    Anonymous said...

    After going from call of duty 3 (treyarch) to call of duty 4 (infinity ward) and then to call of duty waw (treyarch, or should i give creidt to infinaty ward since nothing was changed except the environment) and since they have broke modern warfare off onto tis own thing, i could care less about the call of duty franchise or anything treyarch makes anymore.