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    Monday, 30 March 2009

    God Of War III First Details.

    God of War III is by far one of the most anticipated games of 2009, but will it live up to expectation? Here are some of the first details:

    Scene from Sony.

    • Scene demoed by Sony, named The Fortified City, a stone keep on the side of Mount Olympus, the war between the Gods and Titans raged on in the backround
    • Kratos looking for hidden entrance to the Palace of Olympus.
    • Molten Rock Titan comes into backround scene, yet the God Helios attacks it, strafing him from his Chariot of the Sun.

    The Weapons now change how Kratos controls.

    • Kratos dons a pair of metal lion heads on each arm used as knuckle dusters.
    • He'll be better at dodging blows while being able to deliver more powerful close range attacks.
    • Toggle between stances to perform even more elaborate moves.

    Gaming Highlights.

    • The whole game is rendered from the in-game-engine
    • The game's not a "painting come to life", but is looking very promising to succeed expectation.
    • The moment Helios gets his head wrenched off you are able to use it as a torch.
    • The torch lit passageways offer a very creepy edge to the game.

    New Plot Details

    • The games sotry will arc over the first two games
    • Drawing on events and characters from these prequels to stage events.

    Take control of a Cyclops

    • Instead of killing the huge monster, you'll be able to control its final death throws by stabbing it in the back and wiggling it around with the joystick. Sounds Fun.

    God of War III is expected to be released in the fall of 2009.