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    Monday, 6 April 2009

    Operation Flashpoint 2 Preview

    The original Operation Flashpoint on PC, released in 2001 was a hardcore smash-hit. A war game so accurate that it was developed into a virtual simulator for the military.

    Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising offers alot more than the first game. It's still just as ambitious, detailed and tactically demanding as the PC Game, but it will be more accessible to console gamers.

    The game itself is tough, with one hit kills coming often. The game's story spreads across both single player and online modes. The game will put you against the mighty Chinese PLA on the huge island of Skira. The gameplay will simulate the struggle against such a well-armed modern army, with you having access to helicopters (Which is extremely fun) Tanks and armoured transport.

    There will be 50 accessible vehicles in the game to get around the island and attack the enemy. Dragon Rising is a huge threat to the Call of Duty series, eventhough it's alot different. While Modern Warfare was a tight run'n'gun FPS wrapped in hi-tech detail, Dragon Rising is immersing itself fully into the world of modern combat.

    The graphics will use a new character damage system that will be visable, ensuring you won't want to send your team into combat on a whim. The graphics are so highly detailed because the creator of the game went into combat himself and studied injury wounds. The wound system will simply grab the headlines, but its the subtle details that will earn the fans.

    Online options:

    • Team Deathmatch

    • 4 other game modes not named yet.

    PC Version will feature:

    • 32 player (16 vs 16)

    • 8 player co-op in addition to NPC squad members

    • 4 player Campaign + single mission co-op

    Next-Generation Consoles will feature:

    • 16 player (8 vs 8)

    • 4 player co-op in addition

    • 4 player Campaign + single mission co-op

    A Demo has been confirmed for PlayStation 3 and othe consoles.

    Atleast 23,000 people playing World at War at all times.

    When your next playing Call of Duty: World at War, check how many people are playing at that time. You should see 23,000 people or more playing World at War online with you. The Call of Duty series are by far the most popular games ever made, so its no surprise really. The upcoming Modern Warfare 2 is set to break records aswell, so we wonder how many people will be playing that at one time.
    World at War recently released the Map Pack 1 which features 3 new maps & 1 Zombie asylum map. Treyarch recently confirmed that they had sold more than 1,000,000 copies of Map Pack 1.

    Review: Noby Noby Boy

    If you thought Linger in the Shadows was wierd. You havn't played Noby Noby Boy. It's by far the wierdest game ever made, and the most simple. Noby Noby Boy lets players stretch their imaginations as they stretch a creature called Boy to incredible lengths across the playground-like planets of his solar system. It's also the most frustrating game at times. For example, the camera changes angle all the time. The game is full of bugs and glitches. The controls are tricky and its a terrible looking game. Don't be fooled by the cheap price on the PSN Store, although one positive about the game is that its got a really cheap trophy list (12 Trophies) which are all secret trophies with the exception of The Prince trophy where you have to search through all different types of maps to find a tiny little person.

    PlayStationLive rating: 4/10

    PlayStation 3 still the Greenest Console.

    According to Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics, Sony ranked number one amongst the console manufacturers, scoring a 5.5 out of 10. They were able to move up two spaces to Rank #5, with Greenpeace citing Sony as having good chemicals management. Microsoft and Nintendo ranked behind in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, amongst the console manufacturers. Nokia ranked #1 overall.

    Sony gains points on the energy efficiency of its products by reporting that all new models of TVs released in 2008 meet the latest ES requirements, and 45% of new models of “VAIO” PCs launched July 2007 to November 2008 meet the ES requirements for PCs. Sony still has room for improvement on the other energy criteria; it scores points for disclosing externally-verified greenhouse gas emissions for over 200 sites and committing to absolute cuts in GHG emissions; it needs to set a target and timeline for increasing its use of renewable energy globally.
    Sony does relatively well on chemicals, its score boosted by having models on the market that are partially free of PVC and BFRs, including three models of video recorders and many models of the VAIO PC, “WALKMAN”, camcorder and digital camera. It still needs to set a timeline for eliminating all phthalates, beryllium copper and antimony and its compounds.
    On waste issues, Sony scores relatively well for its voluntary take-back and recycling of the e-waste generated by its branded products, although not much in non-OECD countries. It reports a recycling rate of 54% based on past sales of TVs and PCs, but this information is only for Japan and separate data need to be reported for TVs and PCs.