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    Wednesday, 8 April 2009

    Mirrors Edge 2 Next Year?

    3 Weeks ago there were rumors going around that DICE had the idea of making a sequel to the popular free-running game Mirrors Edge 2. Reports today say that this is true and that the game is already being made and could be released near the end of 2010. There could even be a Wii & PSP Version of the game

    A video was released saying that Mirrors Edge 2 would be almost entirely different to the prequel. The first game was a success in selling, but was later disliked after it was almost the same in every level and nothing different.

    Different characters, New Cities across the World, online modes and downloadable add-ons are all rumores.

    What do you think about a sequel to Mirrors Edge, Good Idea?
    What worldwide cities should be availible?
    Would the game be good on PSP?