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    Wednesday, 8 April 2009

    Is HD worth the Money?

    It's emerged that just over 35% of gamers play in HD, 5% of people have HD Tv's, but dont bother getting a HDMI Cable either because they can't be bothered or are confused with the HD System.

    With HD you get upto 4 times better picture quality.

    So is it worth it?

    Gaming-wise, HD is a must get if you possibly can. It gives you a much more crisp picture and makes everything more exciting!

    The PlayStation 3 also offers to play Blu-Ray DVD's which are also top quality.

    If you want to use HD with your favourite tv programs, you may have to wait another year or two for your favorite channels to be shown in HD.

    How to get HD on your PlayStation 3.

    To get HD on your PS3, you need a HDMI Cable first. These usually cost around £20 but you can get them on eBay for less than £5. Once you have your HDMI Cable plug it into the back of the PS3, then plug the other end into the TV. Make sure you keep the scart lead plugged in as this will be your way of changing the settings. On the PS3 (Dashboard) go to Settings, then scroll down to Display Settings, it will then show 5 options. Click the top option - Video Output Settings. If you've connected your PS3 to your TV it will show as AV MULTI/SCART, Scroll UP till you get to HDMI. Once you've clicked HDMI, choose Custom Settings and depending on whether your TV is 720p HD or Full HD (1080p) check the one your TV is ready for. It will then take you through to the final page which gives you the option to Finish by clicking the X button.

    Once you've completed this your screen will go blank, change the source from Scart to HDMI on your TV, after a few seconds the screen should come back and you should have a much better picture. (IF YOUR SCREEN DOESN'T COME BACK - WAIT 30 SECONDS AND IT SHOULD COME BACK ON THE SETTING SCART)


    Rob said...

    Seeing as T2 was never shot in HD in the first place, your example photo is well, not very good. For a better comparison, try using one of the animated Disney/Pixar movies, MUCH MUCH better comparison between HD-quality and Standard DVD.

    Q said...

    @ Rob.

    No it wasn't shot in HD... it was shot on film, which has greater resolution than HD video. So it is a fair comparison. For a really good example of how good film is, look at Zulu from 1964 - looks like it was shot yesterday.