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    Saturday, 4 April 2009

    First FIFA 2010 Details

    A friend of mine works at EA Sports and told us a few new details about FIFA 2010.

    • Manager Mode will be updated
    • Manager Mode to feature type of Adidas Live Season Application
    • Training mode will return after absence since 07
    • Goalkeepers will get injured alot more often.
    • Goalkeepers able to be Sent-Off at times.
    • Quicker game processor (so the game doesn't freeze)
    • Russian, Romanian & Argentinian League's will feature.
    • Loan Transfer Window available after Transfer Window Closed.
    • Manage your country.
    • Create your own stadiums
    • New Adidas Live League's available.

    This is all the info i was able to get out of my friend, but i'm sure it gives an idea of how much better the game will be.

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